Company Introduction

  China SDIC GaoXin Industrial Investment Corp., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Development & Investment Corp., Ltd. As a forward-looking strategic emerging industry investment platform of SDIC, it is mainly engaged in direct investment business as holding company and equity fund business. The direct investment business as holding company is mainly in the fields of advanced manufacturing and information technology, medicine, healthcare and life science, environmental protection and new materials, etc. For equity fund business, there are currently 5 fund management companies, namely SDIC Fund, SDIC Unity Capital, SDIC Venture Capital, SDIC ChuangYi Industry Fund and Haixia Capital, to form the diversified layout that covers VC, PE, FOF, special policy fund and regional fund. By the end of December 2017, the fund management scale of China SDIC GaoXin had reached RMB 150 billion, which make it the equity fund investment management organization that managed the largest number of national government guide funds, and one of the equity fund...

  China SDIC Gaoxin is an enterprise group specially designated in state plan, vice president and co-president of China Venture Capital & Private Equity Association, evaluation institution of entrepreneurial talent for “Thousand Talents Program” of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC to bring in overseas high-end talents, and professional evaluation institution of “Technology innovation talent” of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Chairman’s Address

  China SDIC GaoXin has gone through thirty years of extraordinary development course and developed from the initial specialized policy investment organization for special fund management of textile export products into a national investor representative entrusted to manage the national debt project of high technology industrialization demonstrative program of National Development and Reform Commission; from the wholly owned subsidiary of SDIC specialized in venture capital into equity fund management platform. It has developed into a forward-looking strategic emerging industry investment platform, and undertaken the glorious mission of serving national strategy, promoting the group restructuring, and creating new growth pole.

  We started equity fund business in 2004. With our efforts, we have become the leader of equity fund among the central enterprises; we have made progress in the direct investment business as the holding company and entered into the fast lane of development; we have strengthened the coordination for the combined integration mode of “fund investment + direct investment as holding company” developed by us and are speeding up the forward-looking strategic emerging industry development.

  In the current times of fulfilling Chinese Dream and opening up new era, we use “高掌远跖,新益求新” to explain the past, present and future of China SDIC Gaoxin. “高掌远跖” – for high starting point, large scale and soaring ambition; “新益求新” – for new ideas, new management and new technology; it is our only road as well as the source of our power!

  We shall stay true to the mission, always bear our missionin mind, dare to undertake the responsibilities and seize the day to vigorously go forward for the objective of becoming the top forward-looking strategic emerging industry investment company!

  Pan Yong

Organizational Structure

Corporate Governance
  • CPC Party Committee
    Pan Yong Secretary of Party Committee
    Wu Weiwei Deputy Secretary of Party Committee
    Zhou Huayu Deputy Secretary of Party Committee
    Li Junxi Member of Party Committee
    Du Rentang Member of Party Committee
    Han Dali Member of Party Committee
    Wang Hongying Member of Party Committee and Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection
    Wang Weidong Member of Party Committee
    Gao Guohua Member of Party Committee
    Liu Wei Member of Party Committee
  • Board of Directors
    Pan Yong Board Chairman
    Wang Weidong Deputy Board Chairman
    Wu WeiweiDirector
    Zhao Liang Director
    Zhou Huayu Worker Director
    Yuan Xiaoning Independent Director
    Wang Haitao Independent Director
  • Board of Supervisors
    Li Wenxin Board Chairman
    Wu Yunfei Full-time Supervisor
    Zhang Bin Worker Supervisor
  • Operational Level
    Wu Weiwei General Manager
    Li Junxi Vice General Manager and Chief Legal Advisor
    Du Rentang Vice General Manager
    Han Dali Vice General Manager


The predecessor was the former Textile Export Product Infrastructure Project Office of State Development Planning Commission.


It was restructured into Textile Export Product investment Co., Ltd of State Electric & mechanic and Textile Investment Company.


China High-Technology Textile Investment Co., Ltd was founded.


China High-Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd was founded.


It was completely merged into State Development & Investment Corp., Ltd, and became the wholly owned subsidiary engaged in venture capital business.


It became the management platform of SDIC engaged in equity fund and quasi fund businesses.


It was merged with SDIC High Technology Investment Co., Ltd and became the forward-looking strategic emerging industry investment platform of SDIC.


It was renamed China SDIC Gaoxin Industrial Investment Corp., Ltd.

  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1993
  • 1999
  • 2010
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2017
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